What should I expect at my consultation?

The Consultant will take a history from you and question you about your current concern. The doctor may request additional diagnostic investigations including pathology and / or radiology tests after your consultation. Should additional investigations be required our staff will endeavour to assist you in organising these tests on the day of your visit.

Please note that we cannot discuss any patient medical matters with any other family member without written approval by the patient. You are more that welcome to bring other family member with you at your time of consultation.

Patients that are of a non-English speaking background and that do not speak or understand English well, we encourage to have a family or friend present at the time of consultation. Otherwise please advice in advance and we can assist you with an interpreter service.

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Our Specialists were brought together by a shared belief that, by amalgamating their established practices, they could provide a more effective and efficient urological service to their patients and referring doctors.

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